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1-7-18:The EU has just been given the latest ICES advice for seabass which contains:

In this revised “assessment, the mortality rate from recreational removals for 2015 to 2017 was derived by scaling down the ..... (previous advice) to account for the management measures in these years, assuming full compliance. This resulted in a significant revision of the estimate for recreational removals for 2016, from 1627 to 212 tonnes, compared to last year's assessment/assumption.

This means that there is 1415 tons of bass available, in theory, to be shared between recreational sea anglers & other recreational fishers (those using small scale commercial techniques but not selling their catch)

To stand any chance of getting a bag limit for anglers reinstated, it is vital that lots of anglers participate immediately in the campaign here   Bass bag limit campaign

Fail to support this campaign & you will be in no position to complain about any failure to achieve a reinstatement of the bag limit in 2018.

14-6-18 & 1-7-18: Defra has commenced consultation on the possible designation of 2 local MCZs : Yarmouth to Cowes and Bembridge. See MCZ Consultation 2018
This consultation just relates to if they will be designated. It should be noted that seagrass has been removed from the Yarmouth to Cowes pMCZ so no likely concerns about anchoring there.
Any control measures for either would be dealt with seperately but only if designation goes ahead.
bassLogo150x178 10-6-18: ICES advice to EU that may have led to reintroduction of one fish per day bag limit for RSAs has been delayed & is not now due till July. The EU would then need 3 months before any change could be applied, if it even agreed any change at all. It therefore looks unlikely that the EU would consider it worth the trouble to change for the short period that would remain in 2018. A most unfortunate situation.

22-5-18: "Free" personal membership of Angling Trust.

The Angling Trust and Fishing Megastore are pleased to announce a great reward offer for new individual members of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

New members of the Angling Trust who join from 24th March, 2018 will be eligible to receive a reward code enabling them to claim a £29 discount on a single purchase from Fishing Megastore.

This offer is available to all adult, senior citizen and life members of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal who make an annual subscription payment and who have not held a valid membership during the preceding 24 months before joining. Qualifying members will be sent a discount code, together with information about how to redeem the reward, within five working days of receipt by Angling Trust of their subscription payment. (Members electing to pay by annual Direct Debit will be sent their discount code within five working days of their first Direct Debit collection). The offer is not available to monthly Direct Debit payers.

Please join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal as an individual member now and get the value of your subscription back when you use your reward code at Fishing Megastore. And don't forget to encourage your angling friends and family to give us their support and take advantage of this great offer, too!

For full details see web site  Join Angling Trust

22-12-17: EU has imposed catch & release only on anglers for the entire 2018 despite the AT pushing for a 1 fish bag limit for the second half of 2018. Anglers may not retain any bass at all unless the restrictions get amended once revised figures from ICES are received & reviewed by the EU in mid 2018.
24-11-17: Campaign for equitable restrictions. NOW ENDED.
See (click on): Write to MP NOW ENDED
See (click on): Petition NOW ENDED

The EU was proposing that recreational fishers including anglers not be allowed to even target Bass in the first 6 months of 2018 & not be allowed to retain any at all for the remaining 6 months.
You can't expect a better deal for anglers if you don't support the campaigns.

1-11-17: ICES recommends zero catch in 2018
9-9-17: Save Our Seabass campaign for 2018.
Received from Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society (BASS):-
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Eustice?
In January, BASS wrote about the grubby politics of the December 2016 Fishing Opportunities meeting. In the run-up to the meeting, we told Defra and George Eustice that there were two things that would make public sea anglers back home see red:
Commercial fishermen being able to land bass during the first 6 months, when public sea anglers are not allowed to take a bass for the table; and
Paying lip-service to our “Get the nets out” campaign, but undermining it with a targeting allowance dressed up as a by-catch allowance.
BASS made it clear that, if there had to be a by-catch allowance for fixed netters, it should be 3% of their catch, the same as for demersal trawlers and seiners – a true bycatch allowance.
Although the Fisheries Ministers did make it illegal for fixed netters to target bass, they cynically undermined this by creating an 250kg monthly allowance for “unavoidable by-catches” of bass, knowing full well that fixed netters would be able to continue to target bass and pretend they were caught as by-catch. Indeed, the UK Government initially tried to say it had agreed an allocation for fixed netters, before the EU Commission told them where to get off.
BASS said in January that we were waiting for an explanation from the Marine Management Organisation of how it would approach the impossible job of enforcing an unenforceable “unavoidable by-catches” allowance. But any sympathy we might have had for the MMO’s predicament has vanished, for two reasons:
They wrote to fixed netters telling them: “The vessel named below is authorised to fish for bass using the gears specified” (our emphasis). If the law says that fixed netters cannot target bass, what on earth is the MMO doing telling them that they can fish for bass? The MMO has refused to correct this.
We were told that they were going to operate a percentage of catch policy, to distinguish targeting from by-catch. But in July, IFCA officers told us they hadn’t received any guidance from the MMO. And the MMO would not tell us or commercial fishermen what percentage of catch they were going to use. What a shambolic way to run a fishery, leaving commercial fishermen to guess what percentage of catch would be treated as “unavoidable by-catches” rather than illegal targeting.
Of course, the reality is that fixed netters are completely ignoring this, because they know it would be virtually impossible to prove that they were targeting bass and not something else. To date, we are not aware of any commercial fixed netter having been accused by the MMO of targeting bass. And yet the landing data shows that fixed net bass landings are actually increasing, not decreasing! Defra estimated fixed netting landings for the whole of 2017 would be 43 tonnes, but by the end of June alone, they were already 52 tonnes and we estimate that by the end of the year they will be up 240%.
But the hook & liners’ 10 tonnes per annum allowance takes the absolute biscuit for Fisheries Ministers treating public sea anglers as complete mugs. When we checked the landing data, we found that in 2015 and 2016, not one single UK hook and line vessel had caught more than 10 tonnes in a year. The restriction that never was!
Does all this make you mad as hell? It should do! Public sea anglers are happy to do their bit to restore the stock, but not while commercial fishermen are either untouched or can exploit deliberately-created loop-holes.
You have until 14th September to tell the EU Commission how disgusted you are by this duplicity, so please reply to the consultation now by going to:- Bass petiion to EU now closed

12-8-17: Live Wrasse Commercial Fishery:
has launched a campaign to seek to ban this recently emerged commercial fishery for fear of stocks in SW waters being decimated as would seem to be the case where this fishery has existed in other areas.

18-2-17 BASS: (sorry for delay in posting this)
Due to an unfortunate lack of support from other EU member states for the recommendations detailed below, the following restrictions apply for 2017:-
All "Recreational Fishers" including Recreational Sea Anglers are limited to a zero daily bag limit up to June 30th followed by a 1 fish per day bag limit from 1st July.
The big success however is that specifically targetting Bass with any form of net is totally prohibited. The only legal method of commercial targetting of Bass is now by hook & line, no other.
The commercials have a much reduced allowance for accidental catches of Bass in nets but they must be seen to be  primarily targetting other species.


ICES has recommended zero take of Bass in 2017 across all sectors.

Not surprisingly the EU is proposing to allow some catches.

Their current proposals are as follows but these are just proposals at this stage & may well fall foul of the commercial lobby who refuse to recognise the level of damage they are doing to the stock:-


Recreational anglers:

February & March: Catch & Release only

January and April to December: landing up to 10 bass per month conditional on electronic recording


Commercial Hook & Line fishermen:

February & March: no landings

January and April to December: up to 10 tonnes per year.


Commercial demersal trawls and seines:

By-catch up to 1% of total catch in a single day

Limited to 1 tonne per month


The requirement for anglers to record Bass captures on line in exchange for a monthly bag limit is a big worry as this could lead to even more requirements for anglers to record catches. This requirement was proposed by angling bodies as an additional option to run in parallel with a daily bag limit with anglers choosing what option to go for. It was never intended to totally replace the daily bag limit.  This will need to be subject of further discussion.



6-7-16: Latest from Angling Trust see Angling Trust on ICES advice for 2017
2-7-16: Due to ongoing over fishing, ICES has just issued advice that there should be zero take of Bass during 2017. No doubt the commercial sector's short term greed will result in them fighting against this but it seems fairly certain that if they are allowed to continue catching Bass in 2017 but there is an attempt to prevent anglers taking even a single fish then anglers are likely to disregard any such restriction.

See ICES latest advice

See also More info 

For the AT thoughts on the implications for general EU fishing restrictions see AT notes on EU restrictions


12-6-16: Alex Maydew , president of University of Southampton Angling Society is conducting a survey with the University of Southampton as part of a postgraduate research project, with the aim of determining the response of sea anglers to the newly implemented seabass regulations. As part of his data collection, he is hoping that anglers will take part in an online survey to tell him how they feel about the new regulations, but also if/how they will change their behaviour because of the regulations. To participate go to Survey page. Also see their facebook page here f  Sotn Uni Bass

12-2-16: Thank you to those who wrote requesting  Andrew Turner MP to support RSA in parliamentary debate held on 11-2-16
Please go to the Forum page & look under National & European issues
For response from AT regarding the total rubbish response from government to the petition see
I am sure that we are all appalled at the new EU regulations on anglers introduced about Bass.
If you feel strongly about it, then rather than sitting back & expecting someone else to fight your cause for you, please consider signing the petition below requesting the government to restrict gill netting & apply the same Bass restrictions to all as those applied to anglers.
It just requires your name, postcode & a valid email address.
On signing you will be sent one email with a link you need to click on to complete the process.
His family has asked for donations to the RNLI in memory of Tony rather than flowers.
A specific donation page has been set up at
30-12-15: Sad news:
Angling stalwart Tony Williams has died after losing a battle with lung cancer.

His services to recreational sea angling will be sorely missed.


19-12-15: Anglers have been totally shafted by the UK government & EU who have given in to misleading & erroneous pressure from the commercial sector that has actually been responsible for the vast increase in Bass mortality over recent years resulting in the imminent collapse of the entire stock. See Anglers shafted by EU
Regrettably the Angling Trust received very little support from rank & file anglers for its campaigns to try to obtain equitable treatment in the Bass conservation restrictions just agreed by the EU.
This highlights that if rank & file anglers sit back, do nothing & expect others to resolve issues on their behalf then more & more unfavourable outcomes are inevitable.
East Cowes
Public Slipway
1-8-15: Alan Deeming became aware that part of the proposal to redevelope the area round the Red Funnel ferry terminal at East Cowes would involve Red Funnel preventing access to the only public slipway on the East side of Cowes harbour. He submitted a response to the consultation expressing his grave concerns at this loss  & requested that a suitable alternative be provided prior to Red Funnel being allowed to deny access to the current slipway. He has successfully gained the support of a local councillor who has agreed to push for a suitable alternative to be provided.
For details of the redevelopment see Red Funnel stealing public slipway

10-11-15: Advice re legal aspects on access to foreshore now added to Our Work - Other

12-7-15: Malcolm Knight has sent us 2 messages about issues relating to bait digging at both East Cowes & in the Medina near Island Harbour. (Both messages have been responded to by email). Legal restrictions on bait digging exist at East Cowes, Ryde Sands & a number of other areas of the Island's Solent coast. See the Byelaws section under Our Work for more details. Regretably still no warning/information signs have been installed at these areas. Malcolm also reported an incident of a digger being warned off from digging in the river near Island Harbour. We would be interested to hear if anyone else has had the same experience.( Message Alan Deeming please). We believe that digging there is legal but Island Harbour would be within its right to not allow bait diggers to park on its property so access to the foreshore would need to be gained via public footpath to be totally legal. 


2-7-15: The EU has today raised the minimum size for Bass to 42cms for all fishers both commercial & recreational effective from September.

The Angling Trust minimum being larger is not affected.


Please see AT news: Bass min size raised

21-6-2015. Save Our Sea Bass
B.A.S.S. has created a new website called "Save Our Sea"  that aims to focus the concerns that many people across Europe have about the sad state of the sea bass population and convert them into effective action over a sustained period to get things changed for the better.  In particular, the website encourages people to get their voices heard by sending emails directly to the decision-makers (whose email addresses are provided).
B.A.S.S. will also be creating a series of petitions under the "Save Our Sea Bass" banner, focused on exerting pressure on the most urgent issues at any moment.  The first of these petitions has just been launched and deals with the recent EU proposals for Vessel Catch Limits and an increase in the Minimum Conservation Reference Size to 42cm.  These proposals will be decided in Brussels in the next few days and weeks and the petition is aimed at the EU fisheries Ministers who will make those decisions.

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