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ICES has recommended zero take of Bass in 2017 across all sectors.

Not surprisingly the EU is proposing to allow some catches.

Their current proposals are as follows but these are just proposals at this stage & may well fall foul of the commercial lobby who refuse to recognise the level of damage they are doing to the stock:-

Recreational anglers:

February & March: Catch & Release only

January and April to December: landing up to 10 bass per month conditional on electronic recording

Commercial Hook & Line fishermen:

February & March: no landings

January and April to December: up to 10 tonnes per year.

Commercial demersal trawls and seines:

By-catch up to 1% of total catch in a single day

Limited to 1 tonne per month

The requirement for anglers to record Bass captures on line in exchange for a monthly bag limit is a big worry as this could lead to even more requirements for anglers to record catches. This requirement was proposed by angling bodies as an additional option to run in parallel with a daily bag limit with anglers choosing what option to go for. It was never intended to totally replace the daily bag limit.  This will need to be subject of further discussion.


6-7-16: Latest from Angling Trust see Angling Trust on ICES advice for 2017
2-7-16: Due to ongoing over fishing, ICES has just issued advice that there should be zero take of Bass during 2017. No doubt the commercial sector's short term greed will result in them fighting against this but it seems fairly certain that if they are allowed to continue catching Bass in 2017 but there is an attempt to prevent anglers taking even a single fish then anglers are likely to disregard any such restriction.

See ICES latest advice

See also More info 

For the AT thoughts on the implications for general EU fishing restrictions see AT notes on EU restrictions


12-6-16: Alex Maydew , president of University of Southampton Angling Society is conducting a survey with the University of Southampton as part of a postgraduate research project, with the aim of determining the response of sea anglers to the newly implemented seabass regulations. As part of his data collection, he is hoping that anglers will take part in an online survey to tell him how they feel about the new regulations, but also if/how they will change their behaviour because of the regulations. To participate go to Survey page. Also see their facebook page here f  Sotn Uni Bass

 bassLogo150x178  12-2-16: Thank you to those who wrote requesting  Andrew Turner MP to support RSA in parliamentary debate held on 11-2-16

Please go to the Forum page & look under National & European issues


For response from AT regarding the total rubbish response from government to the petition see

Fisheries Minister's lies exposed


I am sure that we are all appalled at the new EU regulations on anglers introduced about Bass.

If you feel strongly about it, then rather than sitting back & expecting someone else to fight your cause for you, please consider signing the petition below requesting the government to restrict gill netting & apply the same Bass restrictions to all as those applied to anglers.

It just requires your name, postcode & a valid email address.

On signing you will be sent one email with a link you need to click on to complete the process.


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